We produce LED.



We take part hands-on.

Eye-catching, long term and above all energy efficient lighting systems require know-how, high quality materials and exact processing. You get all of this from us. In our production facilities in the Lemsel location illuminated advertising structures of acrylic letters, frame profiles for stretched fabric, LED circuit boards, LED modules, contour lights and other LED applications are manufactured, allowing us to implement customers’ demands flexibly and in a short time.

We can project your visual image throughout Germany and Europe.


Caralux Technologies

Caralux Technologies is responsible for the manufacture of LED circuit boards. With the SMD assembly system circuit boards are equipped with electronic components und finally soldered together. The Delitzsch Handicapped Centre and the counselling facility Ilmenau/Rudolstadt provide support for this work.


Production of Neon glass

We are one of the few companies in Europe which manufactures individual and tailor-made Neon glass tubes, which we make in our traditional glass blowing workshop. No matter in which colours, forms, sizes and batch numbers. We offer quality, Made by Caralux.


High-tech machine systems

Our production workshops include SMD assembly systems, selective painting automat, soldering automat, CNC milling machine and a traditional glass blowing facility. With this equipment we can manufacture lighting systems in an infinite range of colours, forms, sizes and batch numbers.


Series production

We offer series production runs which are tailor-made according to your demands and requirements. Letter milled LED circuit boards, manufactured specially for you, which can be placed in the full acrylic letters in the shortest time. Integration of a cooling surface guarantees long life for your advertising system.

Advantages for our customers

  • Cost-effective fulfilment of your requirements
  • Individual mass production
  • High quality standard at a fair price